Creativity, commitment and much attention to detail have motivated us for two decades. Buttons out of passion and much, much more. Creativ Knopf is today indispensable in the international fashion world. Twice-yearly, our design team develops the highly anticipated main collections, which we present to international designers and manufacturers from the fashion industry. Much passion and countless hours are invested in this development work. We like to not only participate to styles and trends, but to influence and create these ourselves with our button creations. Naturally, we are constantly inspired by fashion capitals such as New York, Milan, Paris or London.






Just as the world rotates, so is the fashion industry constantly changing. That has of course a direct effect on the trends in buttons. It is all the more important in fashion to stay very close to the trend. We therefore gather inspiration from the fashion capitals of the world, such as Paris, Milan and New York, as well as from Lifestyle, Kunst und Interior. Only so can high-quality basic buttons and glittering highlights emerge, which are more than just decorative “trimmings”. Buttons create fashion.

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