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Finest quality and a sophisticated aesthetics are the basic requirements for choosing a particular material for our buttons. Only through the use of natural raw materials and selected materials is it possible for us to constantly keep up with the highest international quality standards.

Natural materials play an especially major role today. Buttons made of horn, stone nut, mother of pearl, real coconut, bamboo, real wood or leather are again and again supplemented by other unconventional materials. Thanks to the inexhaustible inspiration and development work of our designers, we are able to offer a wide range of materials and button creations. Just as fashion is constantly changing, so too is our product range. Trendy materials such as metal with high-quality coloured enamelings or polyester complete our range of buttons and allow us also to develop fantasy creations. And if these were often valuable individual pieces in the past, then now, thanks to state-of-the-art production technology, we are able to produce cost-effective large runs.



Horn, stone nut and mother of pearl - these are the classics among the button materials. In addition, we have noble product lines made of real coconut, bamboo, real wood and real bone. Depending on what fashion dictates, this range will be supplemented by other natural materials. It is more cost-effective in the field of polyester range.


Mother-of-pearl has always been a classic as well as valuable material for buttons. Each shell has its own design. The diversity of species promises an almost inexhaustible repertoire. Of course, this exclusive material can be only offered in a limited range. Again, cost-effective mother of pearl imitations can be found in the polyester range.


Tagua, also called herbal ivory, is the name given to the nut of a five to six meter high palm species that grows in the rainforests of South America. Tagua nuts must dry in the sun for several months after harvest until fully cured. Each nut is unique and has a beautiful, natural grain. By subsequent dyeing, this impression can be reinforced. In this way, each button made of this material becomes a unique piece.


Accessory and button leather is one of the oldest materials in the manufacture of buttons, belts and other clothing accessories. Absolute classic – we all know it - is the plaited leather button on tweed costumes and jackets. To meet customer demand, e.g. for easy care, always the same appearance, and not least to meet competitive prices, we also stock leather imitations from a variety of basic materials.


Metal buttons and closures remain the "big hit". In addition to decorative uniform and sporty holed buttons, this sturdy material is mainly used for zipper pullers as well as for press studs, tack buttons (jeans patent buttons) and rivets. We distinguish between brass sheet (drawn form) and zinc die casting (cast form). Both surfaces are then galvanized - according to the demands of fashion. Of course, we use only nickel-free alloys for this purpose. Incidentally, the "gold" used actually contains a fraction of real gold. Also in demand are high quality coloured enamels.


No one like the other. Horn is and remains the hit when it comes to noble fashion. Traditionally, it is used on woolen fabrics. Horn is a versatile natural material and therefore varies in its color scheme from black over brown and red to light oscillations. It is buffalo horn that is used here. What many do not know: The horn tip is strictly reserved for the buttons and toggle closures for duffel coats. The remaining hollow horn is bent so that it becomes usable for buttons of all kinds, closures and combs.

Buttons made of horn are refined by burning and lasers. In this way, even high-contrast lettering can be incorporated.


As button material, plastic is simply irreplaceable. With high-quality polyester, natural materials can be imitated to be deceptively realistic, as well as endless fantasy creations. Exactly how this happens, of course, remains our little secret. We are happy to let you participate in our outsized choice. In addition to polished buttons, we also offer engraved examples. Good to know: With the help of the finest laser beams, even elaborate lettering, logos and patterns can be effortlessly incorporated. What pleases in addition to the choice from all the versatile patterns, is the abundance of colours and materials, against deliberately simple pricing.

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