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IN January 2022

From 25. to 27. January 2022 we will be in Munich. Surprising moments, new impulses and refreshing discussions.


Finally, we can look to the future with optimism, but the great challenges of our time remain. The pandemic has not yet been defeated, but it is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. Climate change has established itself as the most important issue facing humanity. Thus, today's designers are faced with ever new challenges. To develop sustainable collections and still create desire. In fashion, retro sounds and gardening images satisfy the longing for an ideal world. The focus is on intelligent durable and life-enhancing products. Comfort and quality go hand in hand and become coveted new classics. Color and material are used playfully in many cases, sometimes with the feel of DIY design hacks.

At its core, this optimistic direction is all about thoughtful basics that bring personality and joy to everyday life. It is precisely for this focus: sustainability, durability, comfort, quality, desirability, that we have developed our new sustainable material #BrH#. We present it for the first time at the fair in a wide range of colors and our team is happy to answer questions about composition and properties.


The health and well-being of our customers and employees is always our top priority. We have therefore decided to cancel our participation in the Fabric Days. Our creativity, on the other hand, is unstoppable: we continue to create new things and continue to set new button trends.


From 04. to 06. February 2020 we will be in Munich (Hall 1, stall C21). Surprising moments, new impulses and refreshing discussions.

2019 - very beautiful christmas

Fashion is a temporary business - it changes constantly. So this year we dedicated ourselves to special pieces that elegantly overcome timelessness and trends - and passed them on to those national and international designers who know how to complete modern styles with extravagant button creations. The result: exclusive details, innovative finishes and a wide variety of natural materials.

But every year it glitters and shines not only in our studios - but everywhere: it's Christmas time! We wish you wonderful and happy holidays! Put your feet up, spend time with your favourite people and enjoy all the loving details that make life more beautiful.

Not more, but better.

Today’s fashion orientated customer is more conscious and looks intensively for garments that are designed for a long lifetime. This trend has been implemented within our new collection, with the emphasis on high end qualities of natural materials. Inspired by the oriental spice market stalls, various shades of brown supported by grey nuances, showing materials with the tendency of soft and natural haptic. Classic is going to be reinterpreted by respecting the past without repeating, where traditional designs are unexpectedly implemented and modernized. In times of uncertainty, the past can have a powerful allure.

Anything goes.

That is the current theme the Men Fashion is living by and provides new material to create something fashionable new.
The menswear continues to be influenced by retro looks. A neat appearance, where easiness and modern comfort still dominates the trend. Both, classic and casual wear for special occasion’s benefits from this. As a result, more creative room is getting established to continue the drive of the Men Fashion. The colour black in combination with elegant greys underline the minimalistic outlook. Moreover, new shades of brown joined by highlighted colours become a futuristic entity.
Nuances of natural colours harmoniously showing authenticity and leaves the natural look outstanding.


From 3rd to 5th September 2019 we are in Munich.

Menswear – The button becomes more elegant!

For a long time it seemed as if the influence of streetwear in fashion would not end. Sportswear is omnipresent wherever the eye looks. The entire fashion industry seemed to focus on the street. With the spring and summer collections 2020 the fashion turns away from this development. Of course, sporty influences will remain a strong theme, and sneakers, XL sports jackets and T-shirts with striking prints remain important. But more often we also see suits, classic two-pieces and formal jackets in harmony with polished patent leather shoes or soft suede loafers. This season, a prime focus is placed on value in outer fabrics and accessories. We have developed many new and authentic materials with special surface finishes, which nevertheless make the button appear naturally on the new fabrics.

DOB - New elegance FS 2020

The trend is towards more tailoring, and is offset by ultra-feminine colours such as soft peach and skin tones, as well as fresh green nuances and is thus interpreted sensually. This colouring also finds its way into menswear and thus supports the idea of gender irrelevance. We play on the theme with a variety of innovative shapes and surfaces in surprising haptics. Many dyable articles offer a broad spectrum for individual concepts.
The eye-catching colors that have emerged in recent seasons as a result of the rapidly increasing trend in workwear and use in safety clothing are spreading across all collections.
Starting with yellow, particularly in lime or lemon yellow, followed by orange and neo mint. Flashes of light that inspire and energise most collections. In our new collection, we have succeeded in reinterpreting and commercializing this theme with different materials and surface finishes.
Natural Appearance
Fabrics and accessories made of natural materials take the trend to a new interpretation of rusticity. Organic forms and seemingly untreated surfaces support a trend towards a modern natural appearance.

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